Viewing customer details

You can view the details of your customers by clicking Customers in the shop management panel menu.

The customer list

After clicking Customers, the customer list is shown. The customer list initially shows all of your customers. The drop-down field above the list lets you filter it to show only guest accounts, pending accounts, approved accounts, or rejected accounts. You can click on the column headers to sort by any column. The Download CSV file buttons let you download the customer list or wishlist details as CSV files, which you can open in any spreadsheet application.

Customer details

After clicking Details on one of the rows in the customer list, the customer details are displayed. This page is divided into several sections:

Account application
This section is shown only if you require accounts to be approved and the account is pending. Click Approve or Reject to approve or reject the account.
Contact details
The name, company, date of birth (if you require customers to enter their date of birth), e-mail address, and telephone number of the customer. You can edit these details and click Save to save the changes.
Default delivery address, Default billing address
The default delivery and billing addresses for the customer.
The order list for the customer, displayed in the same way as the complete order list.
The items on the customer’s wishlist.