Category page configuration

You can configure the appearance of category pages by clicking Configuration in the shop management panel menu, clicking Category pages, and changing the following settings:

Product sorting
Whether to allow products to be sorted by relevance (the order shown in the shop management panel), popularity (the number of purchases), name, price (either ascending or descending), or newest arrivals (the date the product was added to the shop).
Product details

Which details are shown, and in what order, for products listed on category pages. Drag details between the Shown and Not shown lists to control whether particular details are shown. Drag details within the Shown list to rearrange their order.

The buy button, which lets a customer add a product directly to their basket without going to the product page, can only be shown if the product is available, in stock, and does not have variants. Even if you haven’t explicitly chosen to show the view button, it will be shown if the buy button cannot be shown.

Products per page
The number of products to show on each category page. If the category contains more products than this, links will be displayed to let customers browse between the pages.
Image size
The maximum size, in pixels, of images shown on category pages. Images will be scaled to fit within this size, and will be centred horizontally if they have a narrower aspect ratio.
Out-of-stock products
Whether products that are out of stock should be shown (with the Add to basket button replaced with a notice explaining that the product is out of stock) or automatically hidden.