Keyboard shortcuts

The editing system supports a range of keyboard shortcuts, most of which are identical to the keyboard shortcuts in word processors such as Microsoft Word.

The toolbar

F1 Opens this editing help site in a new browser tab
F2 Undoes the last action
F3 Redoes the last action
ControlQ Exits edit mode
ControlS Saves edits
ControlY Redoes the last action
ControlZ Undoes the last action

Text editing

F7 Opens the spell checker
Control1 Sets the line height to 1
Control2 Sets the line height to 2
Control5 Sets the line height to 1.5
ControlB Toggles bold
ControlC Copies text onto the clipboard
ControlE Centres the paragraph
ControlI Toggles italic
ControlJ Justifies the paragraph
ControlK Opens the link window
ControlL Left-aligns the paragraph
ControlM Increases indentation
ControlR Right-aligns the paragraph
ControlU Toggles underline
ControlV Pastes text from the clipboard
ControlShiftA Toggles between upper and lower case
ControlShiftK Toggles small caps
ControlShiftL Toggles bullet points
ControlShiftM Decreases indentation


Tab Moves to the next cell in a table
ShiftTab Moves to the previous cell in a table